classic hits

the Music

KURY FM plays a format called “Classic Hits”. That means that songs that were HITS in the 1960s, 70s and 80s are heard each and every hour all week long. Whether you were a fan of Rock and Roll or Pop Music, your favorites are heard every hour on KURY FM. There are many special features that occur throughout the entire day and night – which means “fun” listening every time you tune to 95.3. Instead of hearing “filler music” that you do on many other radio stations that fill the hour between songs you like, KURY FM plays only the songs that were HITS and they are done by the singers that made them so memorable.

the Shopping Show


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Casey Kasem’s TOP 40

TOP 40Millions of fans around the world find the name Casey Kasem synonymous with musical countdowns. Now celebrating his 37th year as “King of the Countdowns,” he continues his unique style as host of American Top 20, in the Hot Adult Contemporary format, American Top 10, in the Adult Contemporary format, and America’s Top Hits, a daily five-minute show, all syndicated nationwide by Premiere Radio Networks. In 2003, he retired from the helm of American Top 40 – the show he created in 1970 that became the gold standard of music programming – but continues to host American Top 40, The ‘70’s, which is heard on KURY Sundays 6a-9a.


The Classic Countdown

A weekly, four-hour countdown show devoted to the classic hits of rock, pop and soul – from the late 60’s to the early 80’s.
Presented in a fast-paced, Top 20 style, “The Classic Countdown” features exclusive interview comments from the musicians, songwriters and producers who made the music – plus entertaining news, movie, sports and TV drop-ins.
“The Classic Countdown” is written and hosted by Radio Hall of Famer Dick Bartley.
Be sure to join us for The Classic Countdown with Dick Bartley every Saturday from 8 pm to 12 Midnight.